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  24 JUN 17
!!!SAD NEWS!!!
24 JUN 17

Well, its time I posted some new info on the injection molded parts tooling.  As you may know, last year June, I sent 100 parts masters to have injection molded along with 50% deposit money.  I, as you were too, was excited to see this happening.  Sadly, I have bad news to tell you about this project.  My injection molder that Iíve used for all these many years has taken seriously ill.  He is having to shut down operations and is spending a lot of time in and out of hospitals.  He is officially closing next month.  So, at this time, I am in scramble mode trying to salvage my existing injection mold body tooling and hoping to find another overseas molder.  I am also hoping to get back my 100 original Aurora master parts I sent to use for the new tooling.

So, as far as new tooling and chrome parts??? That doesnít look promising at all for this year or if ever.  I spent a lot of money on tooling that at this time looks like I will only have a few new parts and pieces to show for it.  There were modifications made to the 65 fastback tooling and also rear bumpers on Mach1s, but that may be all I have to show for my efforts with lots of time and money spent.  I still plan on continuing with operations as usual making clear resin parts, and I have another batch of resin parts going to the chromer but that wonít return for a few months yet.
With some luck I will find a new molder.  I am working with my í37 Rodster molder now to see if he can take over operations on cars & parts.  Of course, cost will be the main issue whether I pursue further tooling. 
So, I am sorry this has taken so long only to end up with nothing to offer on the chrome replacement parts.  I appreciate your understanding and hopefully I will have other new offerings soon.
Phil Pignon
Road Race Replicas



Thanx for checking into the quality "chrome" Bumpers and motors from Road Race Replicas.  For those not familiar with our parts, Road Race Replicas offers bright vaccum metalized (chrome plated) resin reproduction bumpers and parts.  Our direct replacement chrome parts have all the locator pins, lines and curves the original parts did because we only use original parts to make the molds for our replicas.  Our parts are MADE IN THE USA too, not by some overseas teenager that makes them "look close". Note, ALL CHROME PARTS COME UNPAINTED (red tail lights)--You will need to paint the tailights red yourself, as it is NOT available prepainted. ALL BUMPERS ARE SOLD and PRICED AS EACH PIECE (not sets) Please check out the list of available Chrome bumpers, motors and parts listed below:
Click Vibrators, T-jets, AFX or TYCO to speed you to your site
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Also, if you're needing drivers, wings, heads, scoops and other miscellaneous body parts, be sure to click the  on the left.

Aurora Vibrators CHROME
1553-L    Hot Rod - LEFT SIDE PIPE (driver's side)-$5
1553-R   Hot Rod - RIGHT SIDE PIPE (passenger side)-$5

Aurora Thunderjets CHROME
1351-F  '63 Galaxie Convertible Front Bumper-$5 each piece!
1352      '63 Galaxie Hardtop (Same as 1351 Convertible)
1353-F;-R  '63 Fairlane Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1354-F;-R  '63 Falcon Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1357-R  Riviera Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1369-F;  Lincoln Front - $5;
1370-F;  AC Cobra Front  Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1371-F;-R  Mustang Convertible Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1372      Mustang Hardtop (same as Convertible)
1373      Mustang 2+2 Fastback (same as Convertible)
1379-F;-R  Toronado Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1383-F;-R  '67 T-bird sedan Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1386-R  XL500 '67 Galaxie Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece! 
1388-F;-R  Camaro Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1402-R    Firebird Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece! 
1407-R  Dodge Charger Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1408-R  Torino Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1411-R  GTO Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1414-F;-R  AMX Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1415-F;-R  '69 Mach1 Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1429-F;-R  El Camino Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1484-LS  Super Modified LEFT SIDE PIPES w/NERF (driver's side)-$8
1484-RS  Super Modified RIGHT SIDE PIPES w/NERF (pass'ngr side)-$8

1752-M    McLaren XLR MOTOR-$5
1764 JAVELIN FRONT BUMPER-$5 NEW! - now avail. w/flat blk grill - $7
1769-W BRONCO WING & Rollbar -$10 Original AURORA - MINT
1769-F BRONCO FRONT BUMPER- $5 Original AURORA - MINT (all chrome); w/BLK paint-$7;
1773-F;-R  CHARGER FRONT & REAR BUMPER-$5 each piece!
1774 DATSUN 240-Z Front & Rear Bumpers-$5 each piece!
1792 AZTEC DRAGSTER  REAR BUMPER w/wheelies-$8
NEW TOO - AFX & G+ Mirrors!  The black ones that are always missing - See Misc. parts

NEW! 4041-WB  MAVERICK WHEELIE BAR fits under chassis -  $3
(designed for #105 tuffones silicone rear tires onto 3R wheels or .45 dia. rear tires)

8818  Funny VW Blown Motor-$8

Other makes? Atlas? Eldon?....Sorry, no, they are not available.

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Remember, all reproduction chrome parts are

Made here in the USA

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