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Cleaning and Oiling tips
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Where should I oil my T-jets?
I like to recommend and use the "5-spot" method, note these are with small drops of oil. 1st: On the bottom of the chassis in the arm center hole. 2nd: Between the arm top gear and the gearplate. Let the oil wick underneath the gear. 3rd: Between the shoulder of the crown gear (gear on rear axle) and the chassis - Not on wheel hub side. 4th: On the rear axle on the opposite side of the chassis - again, not on the wheel hub side. 5th: On the underside of the top gearplate where the pinion gear and shaft come thru - let oil wick onto shaft between gear and plate.
What do you recommend for cleaning a dirty chassis?
I like to recommend and use lighter fluid. This is not the butane lighter fluid but the kind your dad used to use in his lighters. This is still easily found in stores today. But liberally soak the chassis in the lighter fluid and then cotton swab the chassis clean. Remove all oils, hair, etc. from the chassis and axles.
My contacts are green and corroded, how can I clean them?
That's a difficult one. There are some corrosion cleaners for copper, but I've found the fastest way is to simply get out the dremel tool and wire brush the plates and shoes clean.
I hope this helps with your Aurora oil & cleaning questions and if you need to find parts for restoring your cars, see Road Race Replicas for all your needs.
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