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Pace Car Collection

For more detail shots, see below.
I love the Indy Pace cars from the 60's so I just had to make them in T-jets.  With the help of the talented Tom Cammarata, Model Motoring, and 3R wheels, I was able to have and create this fantastic collection of cars.  Model Motoring supplied the '64 Mustang, and '69 Camaro Pace cars so they were easy, and Tom cut and removed the top to make the top-down '69 pace car.  Tom also took a MM '55 and '67 Camaro, removed the tops and filled the interiors and added boots.  Tom then took a JL Fairlane & Challenger, a RRR Torino & Cutlass (cutllass is no longer avail.), removed their tops, added interiors and boots to make the '66, '70, '71, & '72 pace cars.  The '71 Challenger, Tom removed the hood scoop and made the correct flat hood...I then removed the rear spoiler and gave it the correct paint job.  Tom also added the dual hood scoops to the Cyclone to give it the correct appearance.  He then supplied me with the proper decals, I gave them their correct paint schemes and applied the decals.  I tried to even have the correct wheels for the cars, and the 3R wheels RRR sells made that an easy trick. Using the original Aurora "brick" track I painted it and made the base for the cars.   It was a fun project and I hope you enjoy it.  Special thanks to Tom Cammarata and Model Motoring.
Here's some detail shots

'55 Pace car w/RRR #108 whitewalls

'64 Mustang and '66 Cyclone GT w/3R wheels

'67 Camaro and '68 Torino both w/3R wheels

'69 Camaro and '70 Cutlass

'71 Challenger (has old chromed AFX wheels) and '72 Cutlass w/3R

Detail view.  Gold added to 3R wheels on '72
Note:Challenger wheels not avail.

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