You can do a screensaver or main page setting like above.
First, you need to copy the image at the link below and put the file in an easy to find location on your computer.  Then, click your START BUTTON once, go to SETTINGS, then click CONTROL PANEL.  You'll find a window with a bunch of icons, click the DISPLAY link icon.  Now, choose below what you want to do.
For a SCREENSAVER, The first window needs to be changed to the SCREENSAVER window (top of page), click the SETTINGS button, browse the to the saved file, and enter that saved image.
For a MAIN PAGE SETTING, the first window should be BACKGROUND, you can then browse and find your copied picture and make that your entry where it says "Select a background picture..." .  Be sure the "Picture Display" window says CENTER.  Then, change your background settings on your APPEARANCE page setting to BLACK background.

CLICK HERE for the picture....